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Monk Construction LLC brings the expertise and attention to detail that you find in their custom homes and applies the same standards to your other home construction projects. 
That’s what being a high quality contractor and good neighbor is all about.
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Proven Experience & Reliability

Working with Monk Construction LLC gives you the security of working with a local company that has spent over 25 years building experience and a strong reputation in the surrounding communities.

The remodeling team at Monk Construction LLC always strives to do every job well and respect our customer's property while we do it so the only thing we leave behind is quality construction work. Much of our remodeling work involves large projects to add additional space to your home, or complete renovation projects to give your home a new look and feel. 

We also build appealing, efficient, and durable garages. Whether you need a garage attached to your home, or a detached garage or shop, we are absolutely committed to our customers being satisfied with their garages and out buildings no matter the size or scope. 

Whether it's a full exterior/interior remodel, or a custom garage that fits your needs and matches your existing house, we do everything we can to build your project with unflinching quality.
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Why would I remodel my home?

While there are many reasons people may remodel their homes, the main reasons tend to be either a home fallen into disrepair due to lack of maintenance, natural disasters & weather related events, expansion of their home, or to overhaul the style and design of the home. 

As your family grows, you may want an addition on your home to add more rooms. You may buy an investment property that needs a full remodel inside and out so you can turn it into a long term rental. Maybe you've inherited a home that hasn't been maintained over the years, or simply needs to be modernized with new colors and finishes. 

What are the benefits of a garage?

For many people, a garage is an essential part of a home. A garage not only adds value to your home, it can add storage space to your home as well as keep your vehicles and stored possessions warm, dry, and safe. 

With the weather we get here in Northern Wisconsin, no one wants to run outside to start their car in the cold or rainy weather. A garage keeps your vehicle out of the elements and safe from falling branches, hail, and everything else. Some people build more living space above their garage as a guest suite or to generate income as a rental.

Do you need renovation & building services in the Northwoods?

Our team provides home remodeling services and we build garages in Rhinelander, Harshaw, Eagle River Sugar Camp, Minocqua, Tomahawk, Lake Tomahawk, and the surrounding communities.

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