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Monk Construction LLC has developed a reputation as one of the Northwoods' finest team of custom home builders, making the design and building process worry-free.
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The custom homes, lake houses, cottages, and cabins that we build are designed to be attractive, efficient, and worry free. Our team of home construction professionals is dedicated to completing every project with the highest standard of quality. No matter what kind of house you are looking to build, Monk Construction LLC will professionally complete your home building project with your satisfaction in mind from start to finish.

We know that a new home construction project is a big investment and that you want to bring out the best aspects of your property. We leverage every bit of our house building experience and strive to construct the best custom homes out there. We also want to make the process of building your house, cottage, or cabin as smooth and affordable as possible. 

Monk Construction LLC provides quality service through every step of the new home construction process. From the beginning of your custom home design through the final inspection of your new house and beyond, we want to provide you with the best home building experience possible.
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What makes it a custom built home?

Not all homes are built to a homeowners specific needs. In fact, many new homes are built using pre-designed plans giving you only a few pre-determined customization options such as colors or floor plans to choose between. A custom built home gives you freedom to build your dream home the way you want with custom floor plans, color schemes, materials, and finishes to match your vision. 

Working with Monk Construction LLC to build a custom home also gives you the security of working with a local company that has spent over 25 years building experience and a strong reputation in the surrounding communities. 

Why should I build a custom home?

Choosing to build a custom home means you're getting exactly what you want designed the way that works for you and the piece of land you purchase. Whether you have a plan that you already love and want to make a few changes to, or if you want to pick specific design features, floor plans, or styles, using a custom home builder ensures that your needs and vision are fulfilled. 

Custom homes are often built with high quality materials and craftsmanship, giving you the security of knowing that your house, cabin, or cottage will stand the test of time.

Looking to build a custom home in the Northwoods?

Our architectural design and custom home building services are available in Rhinelander, Harshaw, Eagle River Sugar Camp,
Minocqua, Tomahawk, Lake Tomahawk, and the surrounding communities.

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